Our Life purpose is Recognition of the Dream!

The Consciousness that projects and operates this dream of you and me, is the One Consciousness. It is the eternal, ever expanding, infinite Light of Love. The dream of creation appears in you, in Awareness and is not separate from you. Realization of the nature of the creation and your true place in relation to it, enables discovery and assimilation of a freedom of infinite vastness and purity.

Make space for the grace of your of consciousness to reveal itself to you. Open yourself to the vast untapped realms of knowing which are yet unknown to you. Transcend the conditioning that has you doubting your capacity to be limitless, free and existing from a foundation of unconditional happiness. Have the courage and fire, to ask for truth.

Recognize your Self.

Through a questioning life which has contacted a number of altering states, epiphanies, out of body experiences and exposure to ancient spiritual teachings, I have removed all doubts of my limitless self nature.

The origins of the teachings of Vedanta, of Self Knowledge or the Science of Self-Inquiry, are that of revelations seen or heard during profound ’spiritual’ experiences of pure consciousness.

This has in large part, been my experience. While it’s tricky to discuss experiences, out of concern that others will reinforce their fixation on hungering for them, there does for me, seem to be a profound value in what I have seen and heard at particular moments of this life.

The greatest value of such epiphanies and revelations, is the removal of false notions and ignorance of one’s nature. As ignorance is removed, the ever present truth begins to dawn.

It occurred with the sages and rishies of India thousands of years ago, who made a life’s work of comparing and assembling their understanding into the ancient spiritual texts of India. There have been many others through time who have been guided in this manner, to the truth of our existence.

When they have occurred, the messages of new and doubtless understandings just suddenly appeared in me, in awareness. The ultimate benefit of any experience, whether spiritual or not, is whatever useful self understanding you gather from the experience.

One of the challenges for me with these events and their messages, was a limited ability to assemble them together, and fill in the remaining spaces, in order to have a complete and clear recognition of the full picture which was being revealed to me. Our tendencies to interpret meaning based on a life of limited experience, can be a barrier to grasping the truth clearly.

This challenge was solved for me, through the meeting of a teacher in India. With this Self Knowledge firmly rooted in my existence, there seems that there is little for me to do here, but engage in expressing it back to the self, through the field of dharma, in which I’m apparently functioning.

What else could one love to do more, than maintain an abidance in self knowing and to invite others to discover their ever free nature?

3 thoughts on “Our Life purpose is Recognition of the Dream!”

    1. Hi Lori

      The ‘full picture’ would be a complete understanding of the creation / maya and awareness, and most importantly ‘my’ true place in relation to it all.
      I guess that’s the short answer.

      What had been occurring with me, was nothing short of astounding in comparison to anything else life had ever offered up, from experiences of the whole universe appearing in me, to leaving the entire creation and watching myself explore the manner of it’s recreation. Dreams, OBE’s and visions were definitely revealing something to me, but what?

      For a long period of time – let’s call it the seeker’s existence – I was busy reaching for something unknown and external to myself. There was some magic power out there, that contained everything that mattered and I was determined and hungry for ‘it.’

      Piece by piece I was sorting things out, coming to sight of my domain over energy and so forth but still I was in pursuit. When I met my teacher, he explained that we are not capable of knowing the truth by our senses alone, because the Truth is more subtle that what our limited capacities can discover. The ancient teachings are much like a road map – putting everything into it’s place and perspective. The beauty of it is that you can use the knowledge as a basis for your own investigation into experience, and it’s soon obvious that it’s very accurate.

      In my case, the teachings served to confirm, deepen and correct the understandings that I was forming as well as provide a solid footing of understanding for this existence. Are you aware, that the reason Indian’s touch a Guru’s feet – is because it is a symbol for the ‘under-standing’ which is present?

      It’s not a popular view, because people are looking to escape and enjoy vs reflect and comprehend – but the traditional view says that “Enlightenment is for the mind because the mind is where your false understanding is held and this needs to be removed.”

      I see that even though most people would disagree with the notion – that they nonetheless are engaging spiritual pursuits, in the hope of reaching something…. and that any change that can be reached, might result in a new understanding, providing a much desired basis for an improved position in the dream world.

      The dream needs to be understood for what it is and is not, and it’s appearance in you needs to be recognized in order for freedom from it, and with it, to be established.

      In Light

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