Life is a path. It’s taking us somewhere and we occupy ourselves with the fuss and struggle inherent in the feeling of not having ultimate control over what occurs.If we’re lucky, maybe we can catch sight of where we’re going, through a peaceful observation of where we have been.

In every life, I suspect that there are moments that ring true and bright for each of us. Memories of occurrences in which you recall the best part of you was meeting the world.

Early in my life, there were very clear and powerful moments, in which the act of holding space for another, simply by a sincere commitment and interest in listening to them, was deeply and graciously received. This element of my character, of my nature, has revealed itself again in conjunction with this exploration of awareness – in a way that I see now was also the unrecognized seed of my enjoyment of photography.

These pearls, when strung together, often reveal a path travelled, a path being travelled, and a direction for personal expansion going forward. To catch clear sight of what has shone the brightest, and to commit to honouring that, is a walk on an illumined path. Illumined by you. It is known as living in harmony with dharma, with your nature.

I sometimes call it ‘Living in dHarmony.’

One of the most enjoyable aspects of people photography for me, in addition to the opportunity to explore stories related to our human expression and experience – was the joy of simply meeting the individuals. Getting up close and personal, in a context of cooperation and trust, discovering who they are and what they believe in – is a blessing we should all be fully engaged with. A lifestyle of recognition and celebration of “Our fellow man.”

Following seventeen years of international experience, while making a choice to take a departure from the advertising and fashion industries, from the photography industry all together – I knew that somehow I would return to my love, and that this return would spring forth from a new personal perspective.

In the past few years, my focus of activity has been responding to the call of consciousness from within. A series of dramatic and profound spiritual visions, epiphanies and out of body experiences, led me deep into an inner exploration and the pursuit of an understanding of the totality of the universe and my place in it.

This inner journey led me to India, where there exists a harmonious and graceful living history, of a world and people imbued with the ancient scriptural teachings of the Vedas. The Vedas themselves ending with works describing the knowledge of the Self, or Consciousness – the Science of Self Inquiry.

Freedom. From the suffering inherent in identification with a limited experience. The scriptures suggest, that the ultimate path of all lives, is to eventually arrive at the recognition of oneself, not as the limited human being – but as the very consciousness in which the passing world and personality appear. They point our attention inwards, retreating from involvement with the illusion, clearing away the distractions from the recognition that under it all, we are already whole and complete, ordinary, infinite and actionless – awareness.

I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to dedicate a period of my life purely to such a personal journey. In fact, I’m of the opinion that we should all take a break earlier in our lives to explore our nature as spiritual beings…. that waiting for retirement is too late in life to begin the commitment to such a process of discovery. Why not do it sooner vs later, so that you have the opportunity to enjoy living with it and by it?

…and now, with this big picture understanding and perspective of the self and world: It is my hope and objective, to continue to explore the living human experience and expressions of my fellow inhabitants, and to do so from and with the sharing of this knowledge of the nature of reality and of our true conscious selves. To engage individuals while they are held in the embrace of this pure, radiant and conscious source of Love, that is never not here.

I still view myself as ‘seeinghuman’ but now it is more than seeing a human, or being one who is paid to document human likeliness, or even my previous passion for communicating the humanity in my fellow humans.

Now, I know that this human is a manifest instrument of seeing. Within each of us, is the same unbound radiant light of consciousness, and my new dedication on this same path, is to be a mirror, in which you may also see your limitless brilliance.

With Love, Daz

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