How to Survive the End of the World

Wake up!

There is another way to view and understand the entire Mayan calendar legacy. It’s a view without fear of an Armageddon, rather it’s a vision of a completely harmonious human future. I’m of the belief that the Mayan calendar message, is a guide, pointing us to recognize the potential for our World that lays just beyond our materialistic reach.

We are already in the throws of Armageddon. There are people suffering horribly, everywhere on this planet and I mean everywhere! The highest levels of of so-called global ‘civilization’ are among those suffering some of the most inhumane conditions. Our entire systems of supply, demand, market, wealth etc., are man made creations of little benefit to us – beyond realizing through the exercise of witnessing their destructive implications and manifestations – that we are far better off without them. It’s simply an unsustainable error, which will be corrected, because all mistakes must eventually be understood and transcended. We are creatures of habit, who only seem to learn from the tragic results of our selfish mistakes.

Why are we coerced into hungering and competing for restricted objects, that already belong to us, as inhabitants of this world? I once heard a fascinating story, of a defendant’s position in a court case – whereby he stated, that no man has the right to stand between himself, and a plant that grows naturally in this creation.

But I’m not here to get political with you. There are some great resources out there that lay out the flaws of the current paradigm already. My belief is based on something else. It’s based on an experience in which I saw our entire world – post 2012!

2012 – The End of Measurement

During this event, I received an instantaneous download of information, which revealed in detail, what will be the nature and operating construct of the future World, that I was being so clearly and carefully shown.

With my sleeping infant daughter, curled up on my belly, I made an uncharacteristic choice to begin a concentrated breathing exploration. It was not so much a meditation, with the typical expectations and hopes of divine external interventions, that can accompany them, but simply ‘a focus on breathing.’ Quickly settling into it, I made an intention to ‘open’ myself to her breath and presence. I was forgetting ‘myself’ in favour of shining my attention on another of creation’s beautiful, divine and very much, non-judgmentally Loved beings.

Immediately, the entire planet of Earth, wrapped in a blanket of white, glowing and undulating Light – appeared peacefully in my view!

I could see the Light dip and bulge, as the beings inhabiting various locations on the surface of world, were receiving and projecting their collective consciousness, conscience and conscious intentions. We were all cooperating! There was no war, violence or hatred. Decisions were made collectively and the principle motive in every decision – was for the benefit of the entire World civilization. We only made positive choices, together.

Then a message appeared in my awareness. It was not so much heard or thought, but just – there. “This is the World, post 2012.” The explanations and visions of what was taking place within this future world, continued.

Individuals still functioned in ‘jobs’ but they were not paid, nor were there any industries that were out of harmony with the cooperative direction – to create and maintain our living utopia. What needed to be done, was done by those who wished to do it. We all were doing what we wanted. The primal areas of activity beyond facilitation of the needs of the whole, were creativity and loving assistance to those around us. There was no money required for the obtaining of individual requirements. Abundance was easily organized and maintained, when the restrictions of ownership and egoic self interest were removed.

Wealth, competition and materialism were absent. Individuals lived in a harmonious recognition of themselves – each and all – as beings of divinity and pure love and awareness. Our very individual personalities are little more than constructs of interpreted comparisons of ourselves, measured against others. The highest teachings of spiritual science on this planet, tell us that in fact, the ‘individuals’ all embody the same one consciousness, and are not naturally separate from or opposed to each other.

There is a wave of conscious awareness rising on the planet, and one of the primal messages in this awakening is that we are each already whole and complete. Liberation contains the understanding, that no object or form, is capable of bringing one lasting happiness. Happiness is not contained – in things. Happiness – radiates from you.

The message in the ‘ending’ of the Mayan calendar – is a sign pointing not to the end of the world, but to the ‘end of measurement.’ It is the waking up of humanity. If it takes Armageddon to push us from our slumber – so be it. It’s hardly surprising.

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