There are no nightmares!

Whether in sleeping or waking dreams – all nightmares are the result of interpretation only. Each message provides clues, aiding in revealing to you your nature. Only your agitation with what is occurring, will create a sleeping or waking nightmare for you.

I have had a number of powerful dreams, which have served their roles in the building of an evolving understanding of our conscious experience. On occasion I have entered into a description of these, and watched as people squirm and tense as I unfold the details, as examples of evidence of a particular aspect of universal law and consciousness.

In a particularly telling dream, the message was distinctly one of “you are every element of the dream.”

During a period of my life, I was having a lot of flying dreams. I was enjoying them very much and was becoming more lucid and controlling in the play of the scenes. I had developed a capacity for incredible acceleration and launching myself into the heavens at will. When this became easy, it seemed that I was unknowingly ready for the next level of message.

While flying, I made a choice to reach backwards with my arms [like wings] and to push forward with my head and chest. It was a dive posture, like those of birds who plunge into the sea for fish, or a skydiver exploring maximum velocity in a free fall. I held this position and rocketed straight into the surface of the Earth!

My head exploded upon impact, spraying upwards and outwards upon the gathered and observing crowd!

Almost immediately, there was a voice from the crowd – mine – asking, “Do you think he’s going to be OK?” and then another voice – also mine – replied, “Yea, I’ll be fine!”

It’s clear from this grisly and potentially disturbing tale, that all aspects of the dream are appearing in me, and in fact are expressions of me.

Everything  that is revealed to you, in your sight, your consciousness, in the light which illumines objects – is showing you the source of Light by their appearance in it. If you’re not there to witness it, then there is no story.

If your witnessing is personally tainted by fear or some desire for it to be different, then the dream can become a nightmare, for you. But the you that imagines a nightmare, is itself an element in a dream of conditional agitation, that belongs only to the mind, which is itself an object.

Realize that the waking dream is no different than the sleeping dream. They are in fact, part of the same dream in you, in the Self.

It’s a dream which serves to inform you of you, through your experiences. Be objective and impersonal. Be lucid. Take the messages from the dreams appearing in and as your life, and be guided perfectly home to the knowing of This Light that you are.

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