Your Infinite Love

Many speak of heart explosions, and I too have known the intense and expansive beauty of such events. They are indeed cherished, and highly sought after.

The fact that these explosions, like the mystic revelations that can fuel and elevate seeking, no longer occur once the Self has been realized, is a rather curious thing and inspires some questioning. Despite the cessation of explosions, there is certainly no lack of love for the whole of existence, so what is a heart explosion all about?

Explosions of the heart can only occur if the heart is contained. Love can only explode, past a boundary – if such a boundary exists.

Heart explosions are invitations to realize one’s natural capacity to love the entire creation, equally and without measure. Free your heart from attachment to the forms of the world. Celebrate your immeasurable light.

An enlightened being knows the truth of their nature, and their love shines freely and completely upon all that they witness. Such a radiance, illumines their world, filling one’s experience with the reflection of this unbound and magnificent beauty of the ever present and ever loving self within.

Make the final explosion. Remove the containments of identification, once and for all. Discover the limitless truth of your conscious existence and loving essence.

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