the Button Project


The Button Project is made in the spirit of inviting reflection on the topic of truth. A series of buttons were made with brief spiritual
statements, centred on the view that self knowledge is the key to

Why? Because the truth is eternal, and the cause of suffering is simply not realizing one is already SatChitAnanada. Existence Consciousnes Bliss.

If a phrase speaks to you, I hope you will engage an exploration into the meaning of the words, bringing such thoughts into your self
inquiry and discussions with others.

Self inquiry is about focusing on revealing the eternal and
non-dismiss-able truth, of your ever-present, limitless, aware, and
existent free nature.

Tat tvam asi. That you are!

If you wish to meet in exploring such contemplations together, I can be reached in Tiru at 809.895.9442 until Feb 14. Afterwards, I can be reached via the fb page or skype: ‘seeinghuman.’

The fb page ThisWakingSelf is also dedicated to this timeless inquiry. I invite you to question and discover, your divine and ever-blissful truth.

With Love,

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