Is there Moksa in my chai?

That might be a Moksa chai you’re cradling, if you can recognize that you are the secret ingredient.

We all know, without having to employ a conscious effort to
discriminate, that what makes the chai sweet is not the tea, milk,
ginger or the cup, but instead is the heaps of sugar which has been so elegantly shlicked [shovel-flicked] into my waiting glass.

The deeper discrimination which may introduce moksa [freedom] to my habit, takes a little more effort in the start, and may require a
second cup.

“Whalla! Chai more, please.” Almost there.

“They say that awareness is everywhere and knows everything, that it is omnipresent and omniscient. Yet, no matter how hard I search, during this milky meditation, the mystery and power of limitless awareness eludes me. The only awareness of my chai that I can find, that is obvious to me, is my own. I wonder if this is where I should be placing my attention?”

Yes. The secret, hidden ingredient of Moksa chai, is the recognition of your ever-present knowing nature. You are already that which
permeates all of the known elements, thoughts and experiences of the chai with your loving attention. You don’t need to see the ingredients to know they are there.

You understand the ingredients and recognize their existence simply as the knowing of them. The means to discover whether or not this is true, is to consciously develop and apply a deeper discrimination habit, to the universe of knowable experience.

How do I know, that which is known? How far and wide does my knowing go and how far is it from me? Can freedom really be a byproduct of utilizing this ignored ability to distinguish, that I have been given and have had the option to develop since birth?”

If you’re done removed the milk, tea, ginger and sugar, from your chai, and you know that you know the emptiness of the cup, that’s good. If you also know of the approaching cloud of grumbly Jivas and see that they are apparently making visual love to your chair, maybe it’s wise to move your glorious knowing self along.

Don’t forget to thank discrimination for facilitating your timely

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