Knowledge begins, where seeking ends.

Spiritual seeking, is bloody hard work.

You might spend twenty years jumping up and down, preparing
yourself to embody an explosion of light, or maybe all that sitting is going to bring you to the vision of a blue sphere. You change your life and world. You change your home, diet, fashion and friends. You chant, bend, breathe incense and travel to India.

Has any of it delivered freedom? All of that doing, and any possible
result of such doings, are all confined to the realms of limited
attributes and qualities called Maya or creation. You are beyond Maya.

Maybe, just maybe, that teacher was mistaken. Maybe he never
finished the journey to liberation and could only share his belief in a particular type of experience. A teacher doesn’t need to know the truth to be attractive. He only needs to believe what he’s saying and to exhibit a certain amount of worldly enthusiasm for blabbing his
special ideas. This is a stage. You are beyond stages.

Experience teachers attract experience seekers and bring only
experiential results. One who speaks too early, may just get trapped at this stage by the massive validation and worship of others. How many teachers of the experiential paths, have fallen victim to their desires for experience? Don’t trade yourself for an experience, for you are
beyond all results.

When the game of seeking has run it’s course, leaving you shattered and exhausted, one becomes open to accepting the truth. If you
happen to open yourself to hearing about what the truth of
awareness, objects, experiences, freedom and happiness actually is, you might find yourself immersed in an even greater experience –
one of relief!

“I realized I was the self and I never again let go of that knowledge.”
“By knowledge alone, is the self gained.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Beyond any experiential captivation of his, the great sage Ramana Maharshi had attended to extracting the clarity of self knowledge from his epiphany, and spoke directly of this significance.

The answer to the question “Who am I?” is quite simple, yet not so simple to actualize. The great spiritual knowledge tradition of
India, which Ramana embraced and contributed to, is one of a deep investigation into the hidden truths of reality and

Most satsangs are not engaging the topic of truth directly, and are
instead fumbling around in the search for feelings of belonging,
validating each others spiritual notions and offering vaguely directed hopes for attaining an experience called freedom. Nobody really knows where to go, so they all end up going nowhere together.

The resulting warm and fuzzy, overcrowded and confused spiritual corner of the dream world, doesn’t really need another experiential fantasy satsang. It needs a way out.

Self Inquiry is about focusing on revealing the eternal and
non-dismissable truth of your ever-present limitless aware
existent free nature. It is about grasping a clear understanding
between what is real – you / awareness – and what is unreal – everything else.

The product of this revealed knowledge, is liberation.

Truth dawns in the knowing of one who carefully investigates the
nature of their experience, without falling prey to their personal
notions and conditioning about the meanings of them.

Self inquiry – must be impersonally driven – if the result is to be one beyond the limits of a personal reality.

The universal truth is also loved through it’s engagement of our
attention placed upon it. What could be more fulfilling than
immersing in a pure appreciation of your limitless beauty?
I welcome you to join, in this self indulgence.

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