A Death vision.

An Experience of my Life passing before my eyes.

While sitting quietly in front of a campfire, doing nothing but looking in the direction of the flames, my awareness jumped out of association with the body and the environment I was in.

A single visual image, of a moment from my life appeared in my view. Then another. And another. And more. And faster than the time it takes to write these words, the acceleration surged to a cascading of images from my life. It was all there, a galaxy of the individual moments that have made up this earthly existence.

I recognized, that I was involved in each of those moments, that each of them was what it was – because of my actions and any choice in how I interpreted the contents. There rose an impressive wonder and gratitude for the immense scale of it all. This has been my creation!

I have made it what it was and is, by my interpreted view of it. i was flooded with a gratitude for the immense creative experience of life and love, that was pure and powerful, and it caused each of these images to suddenly illumine, to shine and twinkle.

An entire galaxy of a life’s glittering moments lay spread out before me.

At this point the message, like a voice already spoken, appeared in me – “This is the experience of your Life passing before your eyes.” The Love and Gratitude deepened.

I also caught a glimpse, without any clear details, of additional layers of moments – of past lives – existing just beyond the one currently in view.

This glittering galaxy of manifest Love, is part of an infinitely larger universe of experience, all occurring in this One Awareness.

The vision ended and the reflection began. Is this what is happening, when so many suddenly seem to glow in the moments before their lives end? I have spoken to several hospice workers, who agree with the possibility, of such a source of ease, contentment and peace – occurring in the passing moments of life.

Our identity is created, formed through the moments and experiences of our lives. We are a perceived result of everything that has occurred in our lives to this point. As individuals, we are nothing but a conglomeration, a collection and a series of choices. Just choices.

Our lives are made of the tiniest moments, where each and every one has our involvement in it, as a part of it, defining part of it. The defining part of it. We are a quivering mass of creation, our very creation.

We define and direct ourselves and our experiences, our growth and journey – by the vibration of our choices, our perspective, our limited interpretations. We will always have the right and the the possibility to raise our viewpoint. To transcend this limitation of a personal viewpoint, through acceptance of all which unfolds in love’s unknowable potential.

The gratitude, love and acceptance for the wonder of this existence has become deeply cemented in my observation.



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