Our Life purpose is Recognition of the Dream!

The Consciousness that projects and operates this dream of you and me, is the One Consciousness. It is the eternal, ever expanding, infinite Light of Love. The dream of creation appears in you, in Awareness and is not separate from you. Realization of the nature of the creation and your true place in relation to it, enables discovery and assimilation of a freedom of infinite vastness and purity.

Make space for the grace of your of consciousness to reveal itself to you. Open yourself to the vast untapped realms of knowing which are yet unknown to you. Transcend the conditioning that has you doubting your capacity to be limitless, free and existing from a foundation of unconditional happiness. Have the courage and fire, to ask for truth.

Recognize your Self.

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How to Survive the End of the World

Wake up!

There is another way to view and understand the entire Mayan calendar legacy. It’s a view without fear of an Armageddon, rather it’s a vision of a completely harmonious human future. I’m of the belief that the Mayan calendar message, is a guide, pointing us to recognize the potential for our World that lays just beyond our materialistic reach.

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There are no nightmares!

Whether in sleeping or waking dreams – all nightmares are the result of interpretation only. Each message provides clues, aiding in revealing to you your nature. Only your agitation with what is occurring, will create a sleeping or waking nightmare for you.

I have had a number of powerful dreams, which have served their roles in the building of an evolving understanding of our conscious experience. On occasion I have entered into a description of these, and watched as people squirm and tense as I unfold the details, as examples of evidence of a particular aspect of universal law and consciousness.

In a particularly telling dream, the message was distinctly one of “you are every element of the dream.”

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