How to Survive the End of the World

Wake up!

There is another way to view and understand the entire Mayan calendar legacy. It’s a view without fear of an Armageddon, rather it’s a vision of a completely harmonious human future. I’m of the belief that the Mayan calendar message, is a guide, pointing us to recognize the potential for our World that lays just beyond our materialistic reach.

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A vision of non-duality.

An experience beyond the active mind, in a post-satsang silence.

At the end of the first satsang I attended in India, I chose to remain sitting in silence, and had an experience which I later came to understand, was a ‘vision of non-duality.’

There were several other people who were also settling in to continue their engagement with silence. I opened my eyes briefly, noticing the relative proximity of others. I closed my eyes and the knowledge of the others remained with me. I began an inquiry into whether or not we can, would or should ‘feel’ each other while sharing space in this way.

It was then, that a cool breeze blew through the covered roof space, which I felt distinctly as blowing directly ‘though’ me. In that moment, everyone and everything around me, that a moment before, I was considering and holding in my mind, instantly disappeared!

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First spiritual awakening

“Oh my God! What’s this?!”

The first time I experienced sight of the world as an exceptionally perfect, beautiful and complete place, it came quite by surprise! The intensity of this experience was incredible. The beauty observed was jaw dropping. I was in a state of utter and complete astonishment!

Somehow I have recognized in fractions over the years, that I was in some way personally responsible for holding myself outside of everything, separate from any believable sense of belonging or being worthy, welcomed or loved.

On this evening, in response to boredom, I desperately felt the need to discover and engage in some form of potential distraction and entertainment.

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A Death vision.

An Experience of my Life passing before my eyes.

While sitting quietly in front of a campfire, doing nothing but looking in the direction of the flames, my awareness jumped out of association with the body and the environment I was in.

A single visual image, of a moment from my life appeared in my view. Then another. And another. And more. And faster than the time it takes to write these words, the acceleration surged to a cascading of images from my life. It was all there, a galaxy of the individual moments that have made up this earthly existence.

I recognized, that I was involved in each of those moments, that each of them was what it was – because of my actions and any choice in how I interpreted the contents. There rose an impressive wonder and gratitude for the immense scale of it all. This has been my creation!

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