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Many speak of heart explosions, and I too have known the intense and expansive beauty of such events. They are indeed cherished, and highly sought after.

The fact that these explosions, like the mystic revelations that can fuel and elevate seeking, no longer occur once the Self has been realized, is a rather curious thing and inspires some questioning. Despite the cessation of explosions, there is certainly no lack of love for the whole of existence, so what is a heart explosion all about?

Explosions of the heart can only occur if the heart is contained. Love can only explode, past a boundary – if such a boundary exists.

Heart explosions are invitations to realize one’s natural capacity to love the entire creation, equally and without measure. Free your heart from attachment to the forms of the world. Celebrate your immeasurable light.

An enlightened being knows the truth of their nature, and their love shines freely and completely upon all that they witness. Such a radiance, illumines their world, filling one’s experience with the reflection of this unbound and magnificent beauty of the ever present and ever loving self within.

Make the final explosion. Remove the containments of identification, once and for all. Discover the limitless truth of your conscious existence and loving essence.

Knowing and Not-knowing.

What is the difference between these two spiritual ideas? How do they each relate to the desire to eliminate suffering? Where do they exist in relation to each other and on the scale of freedom?

The nature and role of energy.

There are three types of energy operating in creation, in various
combinations. They encompass the spectrum of light frequency, from a total pure and still brilliance, through all fluctuations, down to a
potentially motionless density, or black hole.

These energies are present at all levels of reality, with subsets
apparently operating within all portions of the greater level.
“As above, so below.”

The combinations of these frequencies, at a total level, make up the whole causal, subtle and gross material creation. At another level, these frequencies and the knowledge they form, colour the mind as our perceptions of the creation. They are also responsible for our three states of waking, dreaming and sleep.

Tamas. Dull, heavy as sleep. No available knowledge.
Rajas. Activity, motion and action. Relative object knowledge.
Sattva. Clear, bright and still. All potential knowledge.

A symbolic description of these energies.

Using three buckets of water to represent the mind under the
influence of these energies, each is placed outside the entrance of a dark cave. The sun, representing the light of awareness, shines equally upon all of them. The reflections of the light, upon the wall of the cave, represent our worldly experience of reality in each state of mind.

The tamas water is dull and heavy, like water taken from the bottom of a muddy pond. The reflection on the wall of the cave, is dim and muted – the shape and quality of the sun is completely indeterminable.

The rajas water is agitated, moving erratically and it’s surface
disturbed – the light of the sun is dancing excitedly upon the cave wall. While many highlights and specular flashes of light are there – the true shape and quality of the sun is imperceivable.

The sattva water is totally still and clear – and the image on the cave wall is a clear and distinct, accurately reflected depiction of the sun. In such a state of mind – the reflection of the self / awareness can be glimpsed.

Our experience in the creation spectrum.

The mind/body identity, is moving through this spectrum in cycles of waking, dreaming and sleep. The projections toward material, feeling or inner pursuits are equal to the current location of one in the
continuum and the direction in which one is pointed – either towards the light of all potential knowing, or the dark black hole of a sleepy not knowing.

In either case, the prime motivation is to move away from the sense of agitation and disturbance, of lack and limitation, that is characteristic of a localized place in the whole of the spectrum. One may choose to escape depression by falling asleep into not knowing, or one may choose to enlighten their experience with waking pursuits.

Liberation in the spectrum.

The various range of location, pursuit and self understanding,
are illustrated in the listing of seven distinguishable stages of self
liberation, or self knowledge.

1. Ignorance. Like sleep. A black hole to dense energy / tamas. Not knowing.
2. Obscuration. The belief that there is no awareness. Pursues object happiness.
3. Superimposition. Body/mind identification. One is the doer enjoyer that experiences pleasure and pain.
4. Indirect knowledge. An epiphany or non-dual experience, or
hearing of self from teacher, results in belief “The awareness / self does exist.”
5. Direct knowledge. “I am the self.” The doer enjoyer is revealed and the process of ending suffering begins.
6. Moksa. Cessation of grief. The process of dissolving the grip of
karma is complete. “What can I desire?” “I am already the whole.”
7. Actualization. Perfect satisfaction. Abidance. Satisfaction of self knowledge is unlimited. All that was to be achieved and enjoyed has been achieved and enjoyed.

Stage seven, is achieved only by passing through and/or having
knowledge of the other six stages. It is an embodied complete objective position with respect to the nature of the self and creation.

The knowledge of what is real and true, and what is only apparent and not real – has been fully discriminated. In this stage, the futility of
experiential pursuits of not-real objects, has long since been exposed and eradicated.

The stages below four, are plagued by a denial or ignorance of
awareness. Pursuits for a freedom from suffering, prior to ‘seeing the reflection of the light’ – can only be directed towards tamas, towards a hiding from the suffering one knows. It is a retreat into deeper
ignorance and is the hallmark of the ‘not-knowing’ or ‘do not exist’ teachings.

In summary.

To sum up what I apologize may be a difficult to grasp presentation: one who is caught in the sufferable and limited realms of experience, will endeavour to escape the limited web of unstable and
uncomfortable rajas, in whatever direction they believe to be
the answer.

At either end of the spectrum of light to dark, from space to density, there is respite from agitation. At one end, it is the light which is
beyond the highest vibrations which dissolves agitation and at the
other, it is a vacuum of not knowing where no knowledge of agitation can exist, and so the agitation is unavailable for negation.

An escape into not knowing, is equal to sleep. The trouble with this
solution, is that in the absence of objective knowing, one simply
returns from their sleep into the very suffering they hoped to escape.

Only moving towards realization of the light of the aware self, can bring a relief from suffering and limitation that is lasting – because the
cognitive capacities of discrimination, are present during this quest,
enabling the dissolution of limitations.

Will you choose to escape or dissolve your sense of
limitation? You discover what you are, by facing and
removing the things that you are not – not by hiding from them.

the Button Project


The Button Project is made in the spirit of inviting reflection on the topic of truth. A series of buttons were made with brief spiritual
statements, centred on the view that self knowledge is the key to

Why? Because the truth is eternal, and the cause of suffering is simply not realizing one is already SatChitAnanada. Existence Consciousnes Bliss.

If a phrase speaks to you, I hope you will engage an exploration into the meaning of the words, bringing such thoughts into your self
inquiry and discussions with others.

Self inquiry is about focusing on revealing the eternal and
non-dismiss-able truth, of your ever-present, limitless, aware, and
existent free nature.

Tat tvam asi. That you are!

If you wish to meet in exploring such contemplations together, I can be reached in Tiru at 809.895.9442 until Feb 14. Afterwards, I can be reached via the fb page or skype: ‘seeinghuman.’

The fb page ThisWakingSelf is also dedicated to this timeless inquiry. I invite you to question and discover, your divine and ever-blissful truth.

With Love,

Is there Moksa in my chai?

That might be a Moksa chai you’re cradling, if you can recognize that you are the secret ingredient.

We all know, without having to employ a conscious effort to
discriminate, that what makes the chai sweet is not the tea, milk,
ginger or the cup, but instead is the heaps of sugar which has been so elegantly shlicked [shovel-flicked] into my waiting glass.

The deeper discrimination which may introduce moksa [freedom] to my habit, takes a little more effort in the start, and may require a
second cup.

“Whalla! Chai more, please.” Almost there.

“They say that awareness is everywhere and knows everything, that it is omnipresent and omniscient. Yet, no matter how hard I search, during this milky meditation, the mystery and power of limitless awareness eludes me. The only awareness of my chai that I can find, that is obvious to me, is my own. I wonder if this is where I should be placing my attention?”

Yes. The secret, hidden ingredient of Moksa chai, is the recognition of your ever-present knowing nature. You are already that which
permeates all of the known elements, thoughts and experiences of the chai with your loving attention. You don’t need to see the ingredients to know they are there.

You understand the ingredients and recognize their existence simply as the knowing of them. The means to discover whether or not this is true, is to consciously develop and apply a deeper discrimination habit, to the universe of knowable experience.

How do I know, that which is known? How far and wide does my knowing go and how far is it from me? Can freedom really be a byproduct of utilizing this ignored ability to distinguish, that I have been given and have had the option to develop since birth?”

If you’re done removed the milk, tea, ginger and sugar, from your chai, and you know that you know the emptiness of the cup, that’s good. If you also know of the approaching cloud of grumbly Jivas and see that they are apparently making visual love to your chair, maybe it’s wise to move your glorious knowing self along.

Don’t forget to thank discrimination for facilitating your timely

Knowledge begins, where seeking ends.

Spiritual seeking, is bloody hard work.

You might spend twenty years jumping up and down, preparing
yourself to embody an explosion of light, or maybe all that sitting is going to bring you to the vision of a blue sphere. You change your life and world. You change your home, diet, fashion and friends. You chant, bend, breathe incense and travel to India.

Has any of it delivered freedom? All of that doing, and any possible
result of such doings, are all confined to the realms of limited
attributes and qualities called Maya or creation. You are beyond Maya.

Maybe, just maybe, that teacher was mistaken. Maybe he never
finished the journey to liberation and could only share his belief in a particular type of experience. A teacher doesn’t need to know the truth to be attractive. He only needs to believe what he’s saying and to exhibit a certain amount of worldly enthusiasm for blabbing his
special ideas. This is a stage. You are beyond stages.

Experience teachers attract experience seekers and bring only
experiential results. One who speaks too early, may just get trapped at this stage by the massive validation and worship of others. How many teachers of the experiential paths, have fallen victim to their desires for experience? Don’t trade yourself for an experience, for you are
beyond all results.

When the game of seeking has run it’s course, leaving you shattered and exhausted, one becomes open to accepting the truth. If you
happen to open yourself to hearing about what the truth of
awareness, objects, experiences, freedom and happiness actually is, you might find yourself immersed in an even greater experience –
one of relief!

“I realized I was the self and I never again let go of that knowledge.”
“By knowledge alone, is the self gained.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Beyond any experiential captivation of his, the great sage Ramana Maharshi had attended to extracting the clarity of self knowledge from his epiphany, and spoke directly of this significance.

The answer to the question “Who am I?” is quite simple, yet not so simple to actualize. The great spiritual knowledge tradition of
India, which Ramana embraced and contributed to, is one of a deep investigation into the hidden truths of reality and

Most satsangs are not engaging the topic of truth directly, and are
instead fumbling around in the search for feelings of belonging,
validating each others spiritual notions and offering vaguely directed hopes for attaining an experience called freedom. Nobody really knows where to go, so they all end up going nowhere together.

The resulting warm and fuzzy, overcrowded and confused spiritual corner of the dream world, doesn’t really need another experiential fantasy satsang. It needs a way out.

Self Inquiry is about focusing on revealing the eternal and
non-dismissable truth of your ever-present limitless aware
existent free nature. It is about grasping a clear understanding
between what is real – you / awareness – and what is unreal – everything else.

The product of this revealed knowledge, is liberation.

Truth dawns in the knowing of one who carefully investigates the
nature of their experience, without falling prey to their personal
notions and conditioning about the meanings of them.

Self inquiry – must be impersonally driven – if the result is to be one beyond the limits of a personal reality.

The universal truth is also loved through it’s engagement of our
attention placed upon it. What could be more fulfilling than
immersing in a pure appreciation of your limitless beauty?
I welcome you to join, in this self indulgence.

Our Life purpose is Recognition of the Dream!

The Consciousness that projects and operates this dream of you and me, is the One Consciousness. It is the eternal, ever expanding, infinite Light of Love. The dream of creation appears in you, in Awareness and is not separate from you. Realization of the nature of the creation and your true place in relation to it, enables discovery and assimilation of a freedom of infinite vastness and purity.

Make space for the grace of your of consciousness to reveal itself to you. Open yourself to the vast untapped realms of knowing which are yet unknown to you. Transcend the conditioning that has you doubting your capacity to be limitless, free and existing from a foundation of unconditional happiness. Have the courage and fire, to ask for truth.

Recognize your Self.

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How to Survive the End of the World

Wake up!

There is another way to view and understand the entire Mayan calendar legacy. It’s a view without fear of an Armageddon, rather it’s a vision of a completely harmonious human future. I’m of the belief that the Mayan calendar message, is a guide, pointing us to recognize the potential for our World that lays just beyond our materialistic reach.

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Awareness is Absolute

Awareness is Absolute. You absolutely need awareness, in order to see, to know or to experience anything. It is infinitely there – first. It is the true foundation of existence.

The mind is also experienceable. The mind is not equal to awareness. If you are sitting in meditation and you want ‘the lights to go out’ you’re fighting an uphill battle. The light of awareness never goes out.

If it was possible for the light to go out – how is any other ‘first’ thing going to be known? Even doctrines which extolle ‘emptiness’ as the ultimate realization or true state of pure existence, omit the obvious consideration, that any emptiness which is known, is known by that in which it appears.

Emptiness is a subjective experience of non-object.